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We thought we would list some of the many projects we are involved in so you will know where your dues money goes. 
We encourage anyone with skills in these areas to volunteer a little time to help AANR grow!
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The primary work of the Directors is done in the various regional committees. The president appoints all members to the various committee and selects the leader/chair of that committee to coordinate its activities. Directors are appointed based upon their skill set and job experience. Some directors specifically request to serve on specific committees, but that is up to the president.  Each committee writes a report before each of the three Board meetings that gets distributed to all the clubs, so they know what we are doing on their behalf and to solicit comment.


Below are names and descriptions of the most common committees so you can see what kind of duties each performs:



The members of this committee are familiar with QuickBooks and they supervise the budget-making process each Fall. During the rest of the year they approve all major expenditures and help the committees manage their allocated funds. They periodically review and make recommendations regarding reimbursement procedures.


Membership Marketing

This is one of the most important committees because it focuses on improving membership retention by doing all the things that give the existing members a good AANR experience. There are two kinds of members: those who belong to one of the existing 28+ clubs in the region, and the 1900+ members who are not affiliated with any club. We call them Associate members.


AANR-West Associates mostly are administered to by the main office in Kissimmee. However, here in the west, we also communicate with these “virtual members” directly to let them know about the services we can provide locally, such as special events like the World Naked Bike Rides, hikes to hot springs and lakes, and group visits to beaches.  We send them our monthly Western Sun newspaper directly.


Club Liaisons Subcommittee
Focuses on constant contact with the local clubs and their members, so all the clubs know what the others are doing, such as the Nudestock festivals or 5k Runs, so that major events do not occur on the same day, etc. The Liaisons collect stories from each club about people or events, so they can be published in the monthly Western Sun newsletter. Each Director gets assigned a few clubs each, so the liaison process is more evenly shared by all. Directors can either visit their assigned clubs or communicate via phone or email to keep up with the latest news.


Membership Marketing also administers the new Nudist Passport program, which went into effect January 1, 2019.  It encourages AANR members to visit many nearby clubs to be eligible for some great prizes at an annual drawing.


Membership Marketing also contains several special interest subcommittees:


WINR (Women in Nude Recreation)

This committee promotes issues of specific interest to women in social nudity.  They have their own brochure, sponsor workshops, and host information booths at trade shows and other events.


This committee promotes the acceptance of single men and women of all ages at nudist clubs, as some clubs discourage entry to unmarried people or whose spouses are uninterested in participating.

Speaker’s Bureau

This team develops literature, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other curriculum to show at various college classrooms, or to service clubs such as Kiwanis and Rotary.


Young Adults (18-35) and Youth (0-18) Committees

These two committees promote the inclusion of activities at nudist clubs that are specifically attractive to these two age groups. It makes alliances with other nudist-friendly youth organization (Vita Nuda, YNA, Free the Nipple, WNBR). These committee specifically oversee:


  • The AANR-West Youth Mini-Summer Camp program is designed for kids/young adults 11 to 17.  These camps are full of fun workshops about self-esteem, leadership, and principles for being a good community citizen. There will also be the usual fun activities such as: volleyball, swimming, hiking, and some competitive games.

  • Club-Specific Summer Camps. AANR-West also encourages local clubs to host their own summer camp programs, especially for those under age 12. Club may apply for grants to help them financially with such programs.

  • The AANR-West Scholarship Program is being redesigned to include not only high school seniors and college students, but also older persons returning to class for technical training in order to return to work or get a promotion.

Sports Committee

This committee is our usual “public face” to the members at most clubs as it creates, coordinates, and promotes various sport events at AANR clubs. Its goal is to create multi-club league competition (Volleyball, Tennis, etc.) with trophies for intra-club play, usually at the annual Summer and Fall Festivals sponsored by AANR-West, but also at other inter-club competitions sponsored by groups of local clubs (i.e. The Summer Games at Olive Dell and at De Anza Springs).


The committee also promotes the annual 5K races held at several of the region’s clubs and provides awards for those participating in most or all the races.


Public Relations

Unlike Membership Marketing, the PR Committee focuses on public outreach programs, educating those unfamiliar with what social nudity really is through the AANR-West web site and other social media, writing feature articles for magazines, etc.


The Social Media Subcommittee consists of a team of Internet-savvy users who can post information positive to social nudist movement and to AANR-West on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, and other similar electronic media.


The Website subcommittee works with our hired Web Manager to keep the www.aanrwest.org site fresh with both fun activity announcements and background FAQ information and articles for those seeking educational materials about nudism (“we provide both the sizzle AND the steak!”)


The Western Sun Newsletter subcommittee writes and published the region’s monthly newsletter distributed to all Associates via email and to the clubs for distribution to its own members. There is always a need for club news, photos, and feature articles!


The Trade Show subcommittee finds events where our presence is important, arranges for booth rental, staffing, etc., and provides spiffs and raffles to the booth visitors.


The PR committee make alliances with other nudist-friendly organization (TNS, INF, BEACHES Foundation) so that the promotion of the social nudist way of life can be shared by our friends and allies.





Government Affairs

This is one of the more important committees as it monitors news stories and legislative bills to be sure no government entity (federal, state, county, local community) is proposing any laws or other restrictions on our ability to enjoy our nudist way of life.

The committee chair(s) sit on the AANR Government Affairs Board and attend monthly telephone conference call with our counterparts in other regions to decide courses of action on issues that may occur at any time.

The committee’s goal is to create and maintain a book of standard policy positions, so we can be consistent with our mission statement’s goals.

The committee works with the Naturist Society’s Naturist Action Committee (NAC), our GAT counterpart, to be sure all actions are aligned.


Legal Committee

This committee is tasked with making sure that AANR-West complies with all federal non-profit regulations, state corporate law, and local business regulations. It also assures that AANR-West follow all bylaws and procedures as specified by AANR.

The committee also seeks out and vets private practice attorneys interested in providing legal advice to the attorneys of nudists who may have received tickets for simple nudity in areas where it is traditional to be nude. The attorneys will also provide advice or appropriate assistance to AANR members involved in legal custody disputes where nudity has become one of the issues.


Legislation Committee

When it is found that AANR-West By-laws or procedures need to be updated in order to comply with federal, state, or local laws, or AANR bylaws or procedures, or simply need to be updated to replace outdated wording, the Legislative Committee assembles the appropriate motions to be presented to the Board of Directors at its next scheduled meeting for discussion and possible action.

Bylaw changes can only be made by the regional assembly once each year, but procedure can be changed at one of the three Board meetings or my email if it is an emergency.


Conventions & Facilities Committee, and Delegate

Credentials Committee

These committees are important only a few times each year as they:

  • Secure the locations of the three Board of Director meetings, and the Annual Regional Convention.

  • Assign the number of delegates each club may have at the Regional Convention and administers their credentials.


Nominations and Awards Committees

  • Seeks out the names of persons interested in seeking election to the Board of Directors or as elected Officers of AANR-West, confirms any necessary qualifications, and collects/distribute candidate statements for review by the convention delegates prior to the annual election process.

  • Seeks out the names of persons from the various clubs who are the “unsung heroes” of the region, those volunteers who do so much at the local level who deserve recognition as Man of the Year, Woman of the Year, Family of the Year, Young Man/Woman of the Year, and the Hall of Fame Award (Lifetime Achievement).  Other awards are given out to individuals in such categories as Sports, Government Affairs, etc. Clubs also receive annual awards for membership increases and other categories of merit.


The Nominations and Award committees are traditionally led by the AANR-West Vice President.


Other Committees

Other special committees also exist, such as the Western Nudist Library Committee, etc., usually consisting of a single person interested in taking on that task.


From time to time we will add a temporary (Ad Hoc) Committee to handle a specific task that is not expected to need long to complete.

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