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By Kay Nauta - Autumn. Fall. End of summer. This is the time of year that many of us can find a little depressing. Vacations have been taken, the children are back in school, and the freedom of summer has ended. In most areas of the country, the weather is turning cold. The changing leaves have been giving us a beautiful show, but their colors are now fading as they drift away in the wind.

Falls seems to be a time of endings, introspection, resting, and preparing for winter. And with the endings comes a pause of expectation. What comes next? How do we fill this time between glorious summer and joyous holidays? What can be done when things seem to be coming to an end?

As everything has its opposite, so do endings. With every ending, there is a new beginning. Traditionally, we think of springtime for new beginnings, but fall has just as many opportunities for beginnings if we look with an enthusiastic perspective.

Most of us hate to see the cold weather arrive and keeps us away from nude sunbathing, nude hiking, sports, and other outdoor activities. But let’s look at a few of the new indoor activities that we can begin doing that can be just as enjoyable. How about evenings by the fireplace with warm drinks, good friends or family, and lively conversations or fun games? What a great way to connect with others and relax!

Disappointed that it’s too cold outside to grill some juicy steaks or hamburgers? Why not try a new recipe in the kitchen? You can even cook in the nude if you so desire. Get your significant other or kids interested and cooking dinner can turn into a party!

You don’t have to give up exercising when the weather cools. In fact, it’s a great time to try out some new exercise videos or sign up for a new yoga or dance class. Staying in good physical shape will give you more energy for the holidays and help maintain your weight when it comes time for turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, cookies, and pumpkin pie.

Fall is the perfect time to begin reading a new book. If the season is a little depressing for you, try reading an inspirational book or one that teaches a new skill or hobby. Relax in the evenings with an intriguing mystery, romance novel, or humorous stories. Books can teach us so much, give us so much pleasure and take us to so many new places without ever leaving the comfort of home on a crisp autumn day.

This is also the perfect time to take advantage of that pause mentioned earlier and reflect on your life. Are you happy with your relationships? Has this year been successful and satisfying? Are there changes that need to be made? Take an honest assessment of your life and make some new beginnings now, while we’re in this time in between, this pause. Get a head start on new endeavors, habits or projects for the upcoming year. There’s no need to wait until January to make that New Year’s resolution. Make a resolution or a new beginning now because now is the best time to start.

As the seasons change, so do we. If we go through these changes with grace, reverence, and attunement with Mother Nature instead of fighting her, our days can be breathtaking! Enjoy your breathtaking autumn!


The history of naturism is a very interesting and colorful story. Take the fun quiz below to see how many facts you can “uncover” about the culture of “baring it all.” The answers are at the end of the quiz.

1. Which came first?

a. Wearing Clothing
b. Accessorizing

2. The use of clothing marks the beginning of civilization.

a. True
b. False

3. In what century did it become unacceptable for women to bare their breasts in public?

a. 14th Century
b. 17th Century
c. 18th Century

4. History notes that Benjamin Franklin and Henry David Thoreau both enjoyed daily nude walks. What term was used for these walks?

a. Air Baths
b. Nature Walks
c. Free Walking

5. The first public swimming pools in the United States were established in the mid-1800s. Were females allowed at these pools?

a. Yes
b. No

6. Immigrants and tourists from what country brought the naturist lifestyle to the United States?

a. France
b. Japan
c. Germany

7. What was the name of America’s oldest nudist group, established in 1929?

a. American League for Physical Culture
b. American Sunbathing Association
c. American Association for Nude Recreation

8. What was the name of the first permanent nudist community in the United States?

a. Nature’s Gate
b. Sky Farm
c. Bare Necessities

9. From the 1960s, what group do we associate with rejecting restrictions on the body?

a. American College Students
b. Greek Athletes
c. Hippies

10. What year was AANR mentioned in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the largest number of people simultaneously skinny dipping?

a. 2009
b. 2005
c. 2011

Answers: 1., b. Accessorizing. Previous to clothing, animal skins, body painting, and jewelry were worn for decoration, magic, or prestige. 2., a. True. Clothing was not worn until people began migrating and associating with one another. 3., b. 17th Century. Before then, it was quite common in most cultures. 4., a. Air Baths. 5., b. No. The pools were opened for males only to deter them from bathing on the waterfront where women and passersby could see them. 6., c. Germany. 7., a. American League for Physical Culture, which later became the American Sunbathing Association and finally the American Association for Nude Recreation. 8., b. Sky Farm. 9., Hippies. 10., 2009.

By Kay Nauta


If you have ever had a conversation with a nudist, visited the American Association for Nude Recreation website, or read the AANR newsletters, you are probably remarkably familiar with all the benefits of nudism or naturism. We know that living textile-free can help improve self-esteem and body image and can be very empowering and liberating. Health benefits include our bodies receiving more Vitamin D from the sun and better sleep with the lack of constraining pajamas among many others.


Can you name the event that took place in 2018 that inspired 2505 women to “skinny dip” at Meaghermore Beach, Ireland?  The event was “The Great British Skinny Dip,” one of the first International Skinny Dip Day gatherings and the largest one to take place to date.


 The beautiful days and nights of Summer are upon us! AANR-West clubs and resorts are in their high season and special events are in full swing. Between events, they offer pools to enjoy, hot tubs to soak in, sports to play, nature paths to hike, and many other activities for fun and relaxation.   This is the perfect time to visit your favorite AANR-West clubs or try one out for the first time.