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AANR Annual Awards

If you have someone you would like to nominate for any of the awards below, please print out the award form and submit it no later than July 1st each year to:


ATTN: Awards and Nominations Committee


23679 Calabasas Road, Suite 966

Calabasas, CA 90302

Board of Directors & Officers

Interested in giving some service to AANR-West? Join our 9-member Board that sets policy and guides; the business end of the corporation. It isn't hard - anyone can do it - and you'll be helping by bringing in your new ideas! A minimum of a one-year membership in AANR is required.

Man of the Year, Woman of the Year, Family of the Year

These awards are presented to the person/family in each of the three categories for their contributions in promoting and/or furthering nudism throughout AANR West. (These awards are not intended to reward contributions made solely to an individual club or clubs.) Nominees and nominators must be AANR West members. No person shall be eligible for an award received the preceding year. Nominations must be received by the AANR West Vice-President by June 30. At the time of voting the nominator may give a one-minute talk on the nominee’s contribution to nudism and AANR West. One vote per category may be cast by each club and by the regional associates. Proxies will not be counted. Nominees need not be present to be selected. These awards do not have to be awarded every year.

Young Man and Woman of the Year

The Young Man and Woman of the Year awards are awarded to persons age 11-25 based on the best essays by AANR West Youth members which detail what benefits the author has derived from being a nudist.

Bill Hawk Sportsmanship Award

This award is given at the annual convention to the person or persons who, by their actions, exhibits leadership qualities which made the AANR West sports program just a little better. The winner(s) may be players, officials, or leaders of individual sports competition, who receive the most votes from a secret ballot cast by their peers. The AANR West sports chair coordinate the voting and report the name of the winner to the Nominations Chair in time for a plaque to be inscribed with the winner's name. The AANR West shall fund this award in perpetuity.

Bob Page Memorial Award

This award is given at the annual convention to the person who demonstrates outstanding nude advocacy. It is to be awarded to a maximum of one individual per year. The selection committee will be the AANR West president, the AANR/AANR West member trustee, and the AANR West Government Affairs chair. The award will consist of a plaque. . If no individual rises to the honor, it need not be given.

AANR West Hall of Fame

This is a new award given to those individuals who have contributed above and beyond to make a lasting impact upon AANR West. It is to be awarded to a maximum of two individuals per year. Nominations for the award will be accepted with a deadline of May 31. The selection committee will consist of 5 members: the AANR West president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and regional trustee. Members may be inducted posthumously. The award will consist of a plaque for inductees and a communal (perpetual) plaque to be displayed at the Western Nudist Research Library.